"Holy Seven": 7 Diseases That Are Scientifically Proven To Have A Psychosomatic Cause

February 5, 2019

What hurts when the soul suffers? Modern medicine officially recognizes 7 diseases that are caused by hidden emotions or personal psychological trauma.

“Chicago Seven”

In 1950, prominent American psychotherapist Franz Alexander first described a group of these 7 psychosomatic diseases.

Since the scientist wrote his scientific work at the University of Chicago, these diseases are now also called the “Chicago Seven” or, more commonly, “Holy Seven.”

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7 psychosomatic diseases and their causes

Today, the psychosomatic nature of these diseases is officially proven. What are their main causes?

1. Peptic ulcer

Psychological cause: Unforgiven resentment, as well as aggression or anger, in a situation when a person was denied support.

2. Ulcerative colitis

Psychological cause: A person was offended and became so reserved that no hope was seemed to be left.

3. Neurodermatitis

Psychological cause: It is no coincidence that such people are called “thin-skinned.” Many skin diseases indicate problems in the relationship with the mother, including rejection or obsessive care.

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4. Bronchial asthma

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Psychological cause: The inability to inhale indicates a deep fear of life. “I can’t breathe deeply” is what asthmatics say about how difficult it is for them to do something.

5. Hypertension

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Psychological cause: Emotional blockage. As a rule, hypertensive patients suppress their experiences, putting aside their unresolved problems deep into the subconscious.

6. Hyperthyroidism

Psychological cause: The thyroid gland is a real body shield. It begins to work "overtime" when the situation becomes threatening and extreme.

People with an enlarged thyroid are usually hyper-responsible and become mature very early in life. Subconscious fear makes them control everything.

7. Rheumatoid arthritis

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Psychological cause: As a rule, people suffering from this disease are very critical to their environment. Unfortunately, not only do they have high moral principles but also heavily engrained stereotypes.

Untold insults and concealed anger influence them devastatingly, not allowing to forgive, reveal, or change their approach to life.

Psychosomatologists believe that the cause of many diseases lies in untold and unexperienced emotions. If you have been visiting various doctors for years without any real result, try consulting a psychotherapist.

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