She Overcame A Childhood Sexual Trauma And Lost 145 Pounds, Turning Herself Into A Beautiful Mother

December 3, 2018 08:50

Incredible weight loss stories have already inspired many people around the world. Each of us has his or her own reasons for gaining and losing extra pounds. However, not everyone is ready to wait long, put in the effort, or at least lead a healthy lifestyle. Many people try strict and fast diets, having no idea how dangerous they can be.

Felicia Keathley had never been obese as a child, but began to gain weight in high school. At 15, the girl was sexually abused and tried to cope with the trauma with the help of fast food and alcohol. In just a couple of years leading up to graduation, she had gained 100 lbs. She didn’t care much about her figure and appearance at that time.

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Felicia understood it was time to change her life several years later when she was happily married, gave birth to a beautiful boy, and already weighed 300 lbs.

Today, many nutritionists and specialized agencies offer their assistance in losing weight. Felicia repeatedly tried various nutritional programs but failed every time. She was sure such a method wasn’t for her because she couldn’t endure the severity of the diets and had to start all over again. The girl was about to agree to weight loss surgery, but her insurance didn’t cover the required amount. The only option for obtaining sufficient funds could be proving the programs are ineffective in her case.

Felicia asked help from Weight Watchers. These people decided to invent their own inspiration and reward systems, focusing on achieving health goals, rather than losing weight. The participants have to change their way of thinking, habits, and values.

When Felicia saw the program result, she made her own Instagram account to track the progress. She was inspired by Lexi Reed and her husband. In 2015, the 24-year-old bride weighed 485 lbs while her fiancé, 280 lbs.

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The couple decided to lose weight together and refrained from overeating, fast food and snacks, sugary carbonated drinks, and alcohol. They started exercising every day. In 2018, Lexi weighed a staggering 170 lbs, and Danny was down to 180 lbs.

Felicia didn’t have to give up her favorite dishes and significantly limit herself in the amount of food consumed; she just began to cook healthy foods (the program helped her with a list of recipes), which included no sweeteners, extra flavors, or other harmful additives.

The girl’s training program included 20 minutes on a treadmill or elliptical trainer, and exercises with dumbbells after that. As she began losing weight, she increased both types of workload and practiced 50-60 minutes, 6 days a week.

Felicia managed to reconsider her habits and make a choice in favor of a correct lifestyle, ceasing to use her childhood trauma as an excuse. However, as the girl noted, she could have achieved hardly any success without the support of her husband and other loved ones.

Felicia’s results are impressive. What about you? Have you ever overcome your prejudice and fears to achieve the summit that used to be unreachable for you? Share your experience in the comments.

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