Woman Got Severe Brain Damage After Drinking A Bottle Of Soy Sauce – The Remedy She Read About On The Internet

January 15, 2019 08:15

Everyone must have friends who adore studying diets, original recipes, and all kinds of healthy life hacks on the internet. They don’t stop talking about these “miraculous” tools to everyone around and repeatedly trying them one after another. However, hardly ever do they think about how untrustworthy the information may be.

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Nowadays, you can find thousands of health tips on the web, and some of them can easily astonish you with their insanity. Have you ever heard a method of cleaning the body with soy sauce? Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?

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Not so long ago, internet users encountered an insane video, telling a shocking story about a woman who used the “soy sauce method” to see how quickly she can benefit from it.

Drink a bottle of soy sauce and make your brain suffer

Being obsessed with an idea to clean her body of toxins, the woman found a very dubious remedy on the internet – “soy sauce treatment.” She made herself drink a bottle (34oz) of concentrated soy sauce. Perhaps, not surprisingly, she began to get worse some time after and eventually fainted. On the way to the hospital, the woman had a cardiac arrest, but the doctors managed to save her. /

Doctors diagnosed her with acute hypernatremia – excess salt in the body. Usually, to get rid of extra salt, our bodies redistribute fluid from the intracellular to the extracellular space, leading to dehydration of the cells. This case was different since it was characterized by an astounding amount of salt ingested. The consumed amount of soy sauce contained about 3.5 oz of sodium – 4 times more than a lethal dose.

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The doctors managed to normalize the sodium level and the rest of the electrolytes in the blood by injecting a glucose solution. The patient began recovering on the fourth day of treatment, but turned out to lose the ability to speak, swallow, and other key features. Such a phenomenon is called pontine myelinolysis – severe damage to the central nervous system, which interferes with the process of transmitting signals between nerve cells.

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The victim's husband reported that she had previously had problems with nutrition – she had been eating only white bread and canned fish for almost 6 years. Moreover, she had already been registered at a psychiatric clinic with paranoid schizophrenia.

Harmful life hacks online

Unfortunately, a lot of people around the world believe such dubious and untested recommendations. The price of such self-treatment is your precious health. Morever, it may sometimes cost you your life. Apart from that, nowadays, celebrities with millions of subscribers set all kinds of trends, including a healthy lifestyle. Celebrities often spread unreasonable and even dangerous tips. For example, Kim Kardashian talked about using your blood as a mask, and Gwyneth Paltrow mentioned the benefits of consuming medical iodine.

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Be careful, analyze all tips and hacks, and always consult your doctor before applying any of these “miracle remedies.” Take care of your health!

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