Man Paid $30 To An Amateur Artist For His Girlfriend’s Portrait. The Shocking Result Made The Poor Girl Cry

November 13, 2018 17:10

Every girl would like to receive her portrait as a gift. She expects the artist to immortalize her on the paper for the next generation to admire the immaculate appearance. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, not all paintings will eventually be recognized as outstanding. Some of them can be rather called a disgrace for a painter, like the following 'masterpiece', made by a self-educated artist.

Samantha Hartemink from Vancouver and her friend decided to order a portrait from an unknown artist. As a result, they received an unexpected surprise.

Samantha’s friend decided it would be nice to order a portrait from a self-educated girl on Facebook. The young man paid $30 (40 Canadian dollars) and began to wait for the result.

When the guy saw the ready portrait, he was deeply shocked. His girlfriend began to get worried if she really looked so bad in life.

at getting a “portrait” done, found on Facebook market. The artist was very serious about her work. This portrait was $40. from r/therewasanattempt

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Samantha decided to post photos on Reddit so that others could admire this piece of art:

The “Dracula’s” hairline is perhaps the most impressive part.

Apart from that, the receding hair made the girl look like a forty-year-old man.

Hopefully, Samantha won’t take after the woman who fell so deeply in love with her caricature that decided to do plastic surgery to look like the image.

Other users began to comfort the poor girl and send Samantha her portraits, which looked much better.

There you go

Looks gorgeous, agree?


Well, perhaps most of them were adorable.


Did you enjoy the girl’s portrait? Have you ever met such amateurs? Share your experience in the comments!

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