Rules Of Attractiveness: 5 Things A Man Pays Attention To When Meeting A Woman

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October 24, 2018 14:31 By Fabiosa

It is common knowledge that women love with their ears, and men love with their eyes. Men have always been straightforward. It will hardly surprise anyone that they pay attention to the girl’s appearance first. While getting ready for a date, on which you intend to conquer his heart, consider a few important points.

Five things men find most important in women

1. Eyes

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Surveys have shown that men like women with big “childish” eyes. To create such an effect and make your look expressive, use the nude shades, mascara, and eyeliner. If you like a man, establish eye contact with him for a few seconds – you will let him know that you don’t mind getting to know him closer.

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2. Smile

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Men will more likely to go on a date with a smiling and cheerful lady than the one with a gloomy or arrogant expression. In addition, men feel much more relaxed and confident if the partner laughs at their jokes and feels at ease. Smile often, you can easily make a new acquaintance fall in love with your smile.

3. Breasts

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Many men, many minds – there is no exact breast size that everyone will find perfect. However, men will certainly pay attention to your chest during a meeting. The evaluation of the female breasts seems to be genetically imprinted into the male DNA. They associate it with the ability to give birth. Regardless of the size, wear comfortable underwear and perform exercises to maintain the elasticity of the breasts.

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4. Hair

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It isn’t about hair color, but about its condition. Dirty roots, split ends, burned locks are unlikely to attract men. Hair is an indicator of health and youth, remember it when looking after your curls for hours, spending your money and time. Most men like girls with long, lush hair that smells good, although there are those who are attracted by short, cheeky haircuts. The main thing is to make your hair look well-groomed.

5. Clothing

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Regardless of fashion trends, men want to see self-confident girls with a wonderful sense of style. The manner of dressing can tell them a lot about your status, lifestyle or wealth. Surprisingly, not only women pay attention to these things. If a man is attracted to half-naked girls, think about his intentions. Remember: femininity and elegance haven’t harmed anyone yet.


While going on a first date or getting acquainted on the street, don’t forget that you have only one chance to make a good first impression, so try to take all our recommendations into account.

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