25 Things That Do Not Belong In The House Of A Real Woman

October 1, 2018 18:03

Each of us is more or less prone to unconscious gathering. We store memorable knick-knacks, things that in theory may someday come in handy, broken things that we are going to repair one day, etc. This is an absolutely normal phenomenon due to the genetic memory of our thrifty ancestors, as well as the influence of the stories told by our parents and grandparents about how difficult it was to "get" these or other goods at their time. But occasionally, it is worthwhile to carry out a large-scale audit and get rid of things that shouldn't be in the house of a real woman.

1. Dust savings under the bed

Many people like beds that have space beneath not only for aesthetical reasons. This space is often used for storing more things. Don't forget that such "savings" accumulate a huge amount of dust, which you are breathing in every night.

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2. Worn out towels

If you use towels correctly, that is, change them every 3-4 days, they eventually lose softness, absorbency, and their original color. Get rid of them without any regrets!

3. Footwear that doesn't fit

Perhaps every woman has an expensive but extremely uncomfortable pair of shoes. Despite their beauty, they can hardly be worn. Make room for a new, more comfortable pair of shoes!

4. "Fragrant" sneakers

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Sooner or later, an unpleasant smell appears in your shoes, and it's normal. The root of this issue is the constantly evolving bacterial population, which you spread to other shoes as well.

5. Souvenir dishes

Of course, if you really use cups and plates decorated with logos, you should not throw them away. But, if you have hoards of dishes stored in different cupboards, it is better to give them to those who might really need them.

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6. Bras that don't fit

Any thing eventually loses its original form and, after all, your body changes. Do not store underwear, which is unlikely to be worn again. And in order not to end up with a full chest of bras you can't wear, get yourself a new one from time to time.

7. Clothes that are too small for you

Every woman probably has a pair of jeans or a dress in her wardrobe that just absolutely doesn't fit her. If you don't wear some item for more than 2-3 years, get rid of it.

8. Socks without a match

Of course, there is always a small chance that a lonely sock will find its other half after another house cleaning. But if it hasn't happened within a couple of months, you know that the probability of the reunion becomes even smaller. Moreover, you can buy them almost everywhere.

9. Children's awards and certificates

Every child is the best for their parents, therefore we gather all the evidence of their victories and achievements. Sometimes it's time to clear some place on a shelf - consult with your son or daughter about what they want to keep, and clear the place for the evidence of new achievements.

10. Disks and cassettes

Today, almost everything can be found online. Don't store old discs and cassettes other than those containing information about your special events.

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11. Dirty gardening accessories

Like socks, work gloves are inexpensive. Don't store the mountains of worn out textile, since it is a breeding ground for various bacteria.

12. Expired spices

Carefully look through your kitchen cabinets. You won't use any spices that are more than 2-3 years old, so why keep them?

13. Wire hangers

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Such items have very sharp edges, which can damage delicate fabrics. In addition, they are too thin and not suitable for most things - the clothes hanging on them will quickly stretch.

14. Expired cosmetics

Everything that touches our skin needs to be treated with doubled attention. Opened creams and tonal products should be changed every 6-8 months, liquid decorative cosmetics for the eyes - at least 3-4 times a year.

15. Business cards

Today, anyone can be found with the help of social networks or just on the Internet. Look through the cards in your drawer of the table or wallet over the past few years. Most likely, you don't remember most of them.

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16. Broken accessories

Broken umbrellas, bags with torn handles, worn out gloves, or colorless scarves will never be the same as before. Are you sure you want to keep them?

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17. Old food storage containers

Plastic containers also become unusable with time. The first signs that you should get rid of them are the constant unpleasant odor even after repeated washing, cracks, and plaque.

18. Haberdashery

You can store old tapes, belts, and buttons in one case - if your children like to play with them. Most likely, that coat or dress, which matches those buttons, is no longer in your wardrobe.

19. Old toys

Of course, you shouldn't throw away some toys that are dear to your heart. In all other cases, it is better to get rid of the old things.

20. Forgotten hobbies

Our hobbies also change over time. In a certain period of life we could knit, embroider, play some musical instrument, but the excitement eventually passed by itself or shifted to a new hobby. Give away goods and inventory that you will never use again.

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21. Books that aren't worth re-reading

There are books that you don't want to read again. Give them to someone, who hasn't yet read them or just throw away. Anyways, there are no reasons for you to store them.

22. "Home" clothes

Some of us are accustomed to wearing some old clothes at home because no one would see. But this is not quite true. Our loved ones live next to us. Don't you want to be attractive for them? Besides, it is really unpleasant to meet your reflection dressed in rags in the mirror, isn't it?

23. Stretched hair ties

The tail is probably one of the most comfortable and practical home hairstyles. It is best to replace all the old hair ties with the plastic ones - they do not entangle your hair.

24. Old crafts and drawings

Children often present their parents with drawings and gifts made with their own hands: postcards, boxes, figurines. Of course, you do not need to throw away everything - just keep the most beautiful or touching.

25. Dried flowers


The life of cut flowers is too short, no matter how hard you try to extend it. As soon as the bouquet fades, get rid of it and especially don't dry the buds - why would you need that dead energy in your house?

It can be really hard to say goodbye to some things from the past. But it is absolutely necessary! Take some time to rejuvenate your home!

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