5 Signs That Your Best Friend Is A Malicious Person Who Secretly Envies You

October 1, 2018 18:43

Some people are real chameleons. They are able to masterfully adapt to any situation, while seeking their own profit. Such people skillfully pretend to be friends, successfully using the pseudo-friend image.

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And it happens that only after many years, you look back at your relationship with such person and realize that it was not a friend beside you...

So, how to recognize pseudo-friends early on?

1. They mimic your behavior

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Such behavior is especially common among women. A chameleon will certainly copy the style and behavior of the object of their envy. They will buy the same or similar dress or bag and will try to copy even your manner of speaking. This is a very harmless form of envy, but, you see, it doesn't happen often that a woman enjoys attending an event wearing exactly the same outfit as her friend.

2. They are way too interested in your successes

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True friends are sincerely happy for our victories and accomplishments. Your happiness and health are the most important things for them. Yes, they can be interested in your business, but real friends aren't overly curious, like the fake ones. The latter wonder about even the smallest details, they are usually known as impolite and disrespectful. Why are they doing it? To follow the same path or check if your success was truly deserved.

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3. They pretend to be happy for you

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You do not need to be an experienced psychologist to be able to distinguish between sincere joy and deceit. Analyze your friends carefully. What do they say and how do they respond to your achievements? It would be accurate to say that a friend in joy is a friend indeed.

4. They belittle your achievements

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There are also such "friends" who don't miss a single chance to belittle your wins. They often believe that you didn’t deserve much of them. While enjoying your achievements, do not forget to keep an eye on your environment. Maybe one of your closest friends is a wolf in sheep's clothing?

5. They constantly compete with you

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There is no competition between true friends. Even when both of them are moving in the same direction. They will put aside envy and other bad feelings, and always support each other. The fake ones, however, will compete with you every day, dreaming to overtake you in the race and become the "First."

Have you met such people? Tell us in the comments!

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