What You Should Not Eat On An Empty Stomach If Don't Want To Ruin Your Morning

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October 4, 2018 15:24 By Fabiosa

Many people start their morning with a cup of strong coffee with some croissants or quick breakfast. Some even prefer to eat a fresh fruit or make a quick vegetable salad. There are also those who know that breakfast is an important part of the daily diet, so they try to eat as much as possible filling their stomach from the very morning and staying oversaturated up to the evening.

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Depite thousands of stereotypes and theories in the nutrition department, we carefully studied different kinds of food that a person should not eat at the morning. You'd better not eat these products on an empty stomach. You will be surprised, but many of these items have been considered useful by people for many years!

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To prevent any of the possible indignations, we are explaining why it is not recommended to consume them on an empty stomach.

Garlic and smoked foods cause gastro-spasms, so these foods should not be eaten in the morning.

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Bananas contain a lot of magnesium. Therefore, eating them on an empty stomach can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, as it can disrupt the calcium-magnesium balance of the body.

Raw vegetables can cause irritation of the mucosa due to the acid content.

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Hot spices contribute to the production of gastric juice, which, in the absence of food, begins to erode the gastric mucosa and provoke the appearance of gastritis.

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Pears are too hard to digest for your just woken organism. They contain a lot of hard fiber, which can injure the mucous of your stomach.

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Eating sweets in the morning is a huge mistake since your pancreas and liver are not able to produce the right amount of insulin to process the sugar when you have just woken up.

Coffee is the saddest point for many of us. As in the case of spices, it contributes to the production of gastric juice, which on an empty stomach carries great harm to the gastrointestinal tract.

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Fast breakfasts (sweet flakes, instant cereals) are not recommended for breakfast despite popular advertisements. The thing is that they sharply and quickly increase the level of blood sugar, which then falls down just as quickly and awakens hunger once again.

Yoghurts and other milk products. Unfortunately, these products do not bring neither harm nor benefit to your body on an empty stomach. Yes, they are rich in useful bacteria that help digestion, but all that simply does not work in the morning. Therefore, it is better to eat yogurts and other milk products in the evening.

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Citrus fruits contain a large amount of acid, therefore getting into an empty stomach can cause heartburn, or even lead to the development of gastritis.

Yes, it's not easy to embrace the truth: you may need to exclude the products that might have been a part of your regular morning routine for many years. But we strongly advise you to take the information above into consideration, as it will help you maintain the health of your gastrointestinal tract. Eat right to be beautiful and healthy!

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