How Some People Manage To Look Younger Than The Others Of The Same Age? The Experts Know The Answer!

July 24, 2018

It is amazing how much the appearance of the same-aged people can differ. During the long-awaited meetings, such examples can be vividly seen between the classmates and groupmates. They can look younger or older than their friends of the same age.

It turns out it’s not just about genetics but about the individual aging rate of each person.

Science on guard of youth

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At Duke University in North Carolina, the scientists conducted quite an interesting experiment. The researchers took a group of 954 people under their supervision. All of them were born in 1972-1973.

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During the next eight years, scientist Daniel Belsky and his laboratory assistants observed their “guinea-pigs.”

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They noticed the changes in 18 factors closely related to the aging process that included:

  • arterial pressure;
  • lung function;
  • cholesterol;
  • BMI;
  • inflammatory processes;
  • integrity of DNA.

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The results were comforting. 80% of factors that approximate old age are manageable and are not genetic.

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According to the scientist, such things may prolong youth:

  • correct, healthy diet (less fat and salt);
  • normal weight;
  • little stress;
  • good immunity;
  • regular exercise and active rest;
  • absence of bad habits, in particular, smoking (alcohol and drugs weren't even considered).

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Therefore, your youth look doesn’t depend on beauty treatments of your cosmetologist. It’s closer than you can imagine! The main thing is to push back the laziness and finally take responsibility for yourself.

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