8 Little-Known Trifling Symptoms That Can Indicate A Serious Illness

July 5, 2018

Many diseases show themselves by pronounced symptoms, which allow us to determine which system or organ is starting to malfunction. However, there are signs we often neglect as unimportant although they can indicate a serious ailment too.

Today, we will tell you about 8 alarming symptoms that require medical attention if discovered.

1. Drowsiness throughout the day

If you go to bed on time but still find it difficult to wake up in the mornings and feel exhausted all day, and the relatives complain about your snoring, the reason may be apnea - a short-term suspension of breathing in a sleep. This phenomenon is often accompanied by other signs, such as problems concentrating, headaches, and excessive sleepiness. Since apnea increases the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, a stroke, and other ailments, so we advise you to consult a specialist as soon as possible and also to switch to a balanced diet and cut down on alcoholic beverages.

2. A wound doesn’t heal for more than a week

If a cut, pimple, or scratch doesn’t heal in 2-3 weeks, don’t leave it unnoticed. Although harmless itself, it may be the first symptom of basal cell carcinoma. In the early stages, this type of skin cancer is successfully treatable. In addition, watch for the appearance of moles and other new growths on your body, especially on the scalp, eyelids, shoulders, external ears, and back. And don’t forget to use sunscreen during the hot season.

3. Cough that persists for a long time

Persistent sore throat or dry cough accompanied by difficulty swallowing may be a symptom of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). In this state, the contents of the stomach enter the esophagus, provoking irritation of its mucous membrane. Other possible causes of prolonged cough include post-nasal drip (inflammatory processes of the nasopharynx), heart diseases, asthma, and lung cancer.

4. You often have a feeling that your leg or arm has gone numb

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This unpleasant sensation can occur after waking up due to interference of blood flow to a limb. However, if you feel a tingling sensation in your limbs once or several times a week, it would be wise to see a doctor, as it may be a result of nerve damage, less often an early sign of diabetes or a stroke. It mostly concerns those, who perform repetitive movements at work, as well as victims of an accident.

5. You forget what you were saying a minute ago

You were engaged in a heated discussion a minute ago, and now, you can’t remember what it was about? If such forgetfulness is regular, it can be a sign of interference of blood supply to the brain or a mini-stroke. Even if it got back to you after a moment, you still shouldn’t ignore this symptom.

6. Your waist has grown noticeably wider

In most cases, it can be a result of overeating. However, if a distended stomach is accompanied by a general weight loss and anemia, this can indicate a serious abdominal disease such as cancer. If you feel your stomach swell its lower part hurt even after a small meal, don’t delay a visit to a doctor. These symptoms can indicate ovarian cancer.

7. You feel as if something has got into the eye for several days

If the door frames and windows seem blurry to you, this is one of the obvious signs of muscle tissue degeneration, which can lead to a complete loss of vision. Also, don’t ignore flashes and eye floaters – they often precede migraines, even though they are not accompanied by headaches. A sudden short-term loss of vision is a good reason to turn to the eye physician.

8. It seems like you’ve stretched a leg muscle

The reason may lie in the absence of physical activity. If the pain in a limb occurs after a prolonged period of inactivity or a long flight, this symptom is often a sign of reduced blood supply to the legs due to deep vein thrombosis. In addition to a sedentary lifestyle, this disease can be caused be obesity, clotting system disorders, drugs that reduce blood clotting time, pregnancy, or cancer.

Remember, even such seemingly harmless symptoms shouldn’t be left without attention. Timely diagnosis significantly increases the effectiveness of treatment. Share this useful information with your close ones. It may help them to avoid serious ailments.

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