Top 9 Things You Shouldn’t Put In A Washing Machine

May 17, 2018 13:53

It's no secret that some things shouldn’t be washed in a washing machine. It can be harmful to both clothes and the equipment. It is good when there is a special tag warning. But very few people know that there are items, which we used to put into the washing machine but which we definitely shouldn’t.

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1. Things with large or tiny accessories

If the clothes have large steel or plastic elements, it is better not to put them in the washing machine. If the accessories are of medium size, make sure that they are fixed well. What is the harm in that? Well, when the washing machine is at high speed, the garment accessories may come off and deform the drum, and you will have to get the washing machine repaired.

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2. Small items

These include shoelaces, handkerchiefs, and other trifles. What harm can they do? In fact, they may cause a lot of problems. They can jam a drain filter, or may pass the drum and block the work of the machine's components. It is better to put them into a fabric bag before loading into the washing machine.

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3. Velvet, wool, cashmere

Such materials are regarded to be delicate materials for a reason. They can be washed only in a special mode or by hands, but the best decision is to hand it over to professionals at the dry-cleaner.

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4. Clothes covered in hairs

Don’t put things covered in animal hairs in the washing machine in any case. First, the hairs will only stick to the fabric faster. Second, it can jam the drum and ruin the washing machine. To remove the hairs stuck to the clothes use a sticky roller.

5. Clothes stained with oil products

Clothes stained with fuel oil, gasoline, kerosene and other similar oil products, can damage a washing machine. It is recommended to pre-wash them by hand, let them dry and only then to use a washer.

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6. Orthopedic pillows

It is not recommended to wash orthopedic pillows in the washing machine, as they are easily damaged and can become unfit for further use. Experts advise wiping stains off them with a liquid soap by hand. If there is a "hand wash" icon on the tag, it is safe to wash the pillow in a basin. After it becomes clean, shake it well and dry.

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7. Bras and corsets

We’ll just say that these things are harmless for the washing machine. But you can damage the bra itself either the underwire gets deformed, or the push-up filler will lose its initial shape. If you are too lazy to wash it by hand - first put the bra into a special bag and run the cold water or delicate mode.

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8. Lace wear

Automatic wash is not recommended as lace can get loose destroying the appearance of the item. These elements easily get caught by zippers and buttons that can tear them. Lace wear is best to be hand washed or dry-cleaned, check the label firt.

9. Bulky things

Don’t try to stuff huge things into a washing machine at any cost. Of course, everyone wants to clean up a duvet or a (seemingly) small carpet without extra effort. But don’t forget that there needs to be room for the drum to rotate properly. Better go with a dry-cleaner.

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