Woman Called Her Friend “Manky” For Not Wearing Panty Liners. Online Debate Ensued

March 12, 2019 16:28

Even in modern times, many topics remain taboo. Few people can discuss everything even with their friends. And this is where moms' forums come in. This is exactly the place where women using nicknames can discuss the most sensitive issues. For example, what to do if your 6-year-old daughter asks to remove her leg hair or how to know if your husband is cheating.

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Recently, in one popular forum called Mumsnet, a woman shared her delicate story. Hundreds of the users joined the debate. Where else can you discuss the topic of panty liners?

The user nicknamed Sammysees wondered if it was normal not to wear panty liners every day. Her friend who has worn them daily since the age of 15 found out that she doesn’t and ridiculed her. She asked the forum if everybody is wearing panty liners as her friend told her.

Some said that they don’t do it either:


I don't.


waste of money, bad for the environment. Why would you?


No - I just wash my underwear after I've worn it, like a ... normal person.

Others replied that they couldn’t do without them:


I wear them but don't expect everyone else to do the same. I don't feel fresh without them.

The dangers of feminine hygiene

Sanitary pads create a greenhouse effect in the intimate area. This is perfect for the development of bacteria. Also, unless regularly changed, pads accumulate menstrual discharge, which is unhygienic. Even the most natural pads contain synthetic materials. Wearing them for long periods of time can cause an allergic reaction.

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How to use them and not harm yourself

  1. Before putting on a daily pad, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly to prevent the entry of harmful bacteria.
  2. It is preferable to use fragrance-free pads to minimize the risk of itching or inflammation.
  3. Wear panty liners only for short periods of time, such as an hour or two, but not for the whole day. Change them at least every 5 hours.
  4. Don’t sleep in them: the body must breathe at least at night.
  5. If you have sensitive skin, wear pads with the addition of cotton.

Do you wear panty liners every day? Share this useful article with others. Not everyone is ready to discuss this topic, but it is undoubtedly useful to have some knowledge about it!

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