3 Techniques That Can Save Your Life. Things You Should Know To Avoid A Dangerous Situation


March 12, 2019 15:51 By Fabiosa

We live in difficult and dangerous times. Femicide is on the rise and almost every woman walking down the street at night understands that she won’t be able to do much in case of an attack.

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Nevertheless, there are a few tips that can make you safer and increase your chances of survival.

What to do to avoid being attacked

  1. Before leaving work after dark, call any of your loved ones and ask them to meet you.
  2. Try to walk along crowded and well-lit streets. Avoid long industrial areas, wastelands, dark parks, as well as backyards and alleys.
  3. If you have no choice but to walk down an alley, stay close to the curb and away from entrance halls.
  4. Don’t listen to music with headphones or be on your mobile; be attentive to what is happening around you.
  5. Carry some means of self-defense (such as a tazer or pepper spray).
  6. When walking along a street, keep to the side of the road with oncoming traffic so that you can’t be pulled into a car that slows down behind your back.

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Also, it is vital to have basic skills of self-defense.

3 techniques that can save your life

1. How to escape a back choke hold

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2. Hit where it hurts

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3. If you are brought to the ground

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Other strategies a woman should know in order to protect herself in emergency situations:

  • trust your intuition;
  • present yourself with confidence;
  • keep a safe distance from a potential aggressor;
  • do not panic.

We hope that you will never find yourself in situations where these techniques can be useful, but knowing them is vital for every woman!

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