6 Problems That Plague Smart And Successful Women


April 17, 2019 17:51 By Fabiosa

Intelligence is one of nature's greatest gifts! A smart woman is an interesting conversational partner and many people, including educated men, want to keep her company. However, with a number of advantages, there are also some drawbacks. Here are 6 problems that plague intelligent women.

1. You don't get to make mistakes

A smart and educated woman is treated with increased scrutiny. The main problem is that if you stumble once, people will be disappointed in you. After all, you used to live up to your parents’ expectations since childhood and now it’s other people that you afraid of letting down. As a result, you can't rest for a moment and it makes you suffer!

2. You are envied

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There is nothing you can’t achieve when you put your mind to it. You are more successful than your friends and other women. Each performance review lands you a raise. No wonder many look forward to your failure. You are constantly raising the bar and tearing down the stereotypes about women!

3. It's hard for you to find a man you deserve

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Most men are simple and unappealing to you. You see through them and all of their weaknesses and attempts at manipulation. When you meet a smart man, you often compete, which helps you keep your mind sharp, but often ends making you even lonelier. Only a true gentleman can conquer your heart!

4. You have to hide your feelings

Rationality obliges you to analyze your emotions. Because of this, you don’t let them reign over you. This trait helps you keep a cool head and avoid doing stupid things, but also takes a toll on your nervous system. So don’t forget to relax and unwind once in a while!

5. Sometimes you are pessimistic

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Smart people are often pessimistic. You know that preparing yourself for the worst is a smart thing to do and that's why it is incredibly difficult to throw you off your stride with bad news because you have already thought through and expected it. The main problem is that it often makes you tense.

6. You have impostor syndrome

You often doubt your competence and accomplishments. You think that someone else can handle your responsibilities better and you just got lucky. Modesty and uncertainty are the fruits of your brilliant analytical mind. Try to channel it in a more productive direction, stop doubting yourself, and keep your self-esteem healthy. You deserve everything that you have.

These 6 points are the price of having high intellectual abilities. To make your life easier, try to rest more, don’t doubt yourself, and remember that your intellect makes your life better. Every woman faces difficulties, but smart ones know exactly how to cope with them!

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