Image After 40: 5 Haircare Mistakes That Stand In The Way Of Looking Better And Younger

July 11, 2019 14:06

It’s always a pity when a woman doesn’t look her best because of one small detail. It could be a poor choice of clothes or accessories, or neglected hands. But a haircut plays a major role in anyone’s image.

5 haircare mistakes often made by women over 40

1. Continuing to dye the hair dark

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Even if you are crazy in love with dark hair, try to look at yourself through others’ eyes or discuss it with a hair professional. With age, dark colors around the face may not play to our advantage, emphasizing wrinkles and making you look gloomier. Perhaps, as an option, you can try a slightly lighter shade. Trust us, it will most likely work for you!

2. Wearing the same haircut as 20 years ago

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Long ago, after a long search and thorough consideration, you finally found your perfect hairstyle. It absolutely suits you and you look your best. Or maybe it only used to be so? Many women become hostages of the image they chose in youth. Long and playfully styled hair looks fresh and romantic on a 20-year-old, but after 40 it can look ridiculous. Maybe it's time for a change?

3. Going overboard with styling products

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Dead-fixed hair that doesn’t move even in a strong wind is a relic from the past. Such a hairstyle can even add a few years. And, conversely, naturally flowing hair will be good for the look and can breathe life into it.

4. Rejecting new coloring trends

Monotonous color may look plain and unappealing. Modern techniques can revive hair, making it shiny and healthy again. Besides, techniques such as shatush, balayage, etc., allow visiting the hair salon less often. Convenient!

5. Neglecting care

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It is not only the skin that becomes drier. It actually happens to the hair as well. You did just fine with only a shampoo in your 20s, but after 40, most likely, your hair will require some big guns. Properly selected balms, masks, sprays, and oils will definitely make your hair look better.

And what haircare rules are in your routine? Tell us in the comments!