Why It's Better To Open The Car Door With Your Right Hand. It Can Save Lives!

December 26, 2018

Traffic on the road is a high-risk area, where you have to be attentive all the time and always monitor the situation.

Even if you are an experienced driver and always follow the rules of the road, you may easily get into trouble “thanks” to someone else who cares little for the safety of others.

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Experienced drivers eagerly share helpful tips of trouble-free traffic on the roads. One piece of advice is how best to get out of a parked car.

While standing along the roadway, you can have your door knocked down by a passing car or cyclist. Motorists called this phenomenon "dooring."

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Remember, in a left-hand drive vehicle, the driver or passenger sitting behind the driver must open the door with his right hand, and not left, even though it is closer to the handle. At this point, you will be forced to turn the upper part of your body to the door, allowing you see any possible approaching vehicle. In this way, you can avoid an unpleasant accident. Drivers call this movement the “Dutch Reach” since it originated in the Netherlands.

Here are some other helpful tips from experienced drivers:

  1. If a driver in the right lane is moving slowly, you should also slow down in the left lane – perhaps they are letting pedestrians pass.
  2. If you see children or parents with children on the side of the road, slow down – children’s behavior is unpredictable;
  3. Find a testing ground where you can check your car for emergency braking. It will allow you to feel this technique in action.
  4. If you see a car rushing towards you that has no time to overtake, lean your body to the right in order to avoid a dangerous trajectory;
  5. Always consider a backup option, especially when overtaking. Start it only when you are confident that nothing prevents you from performing it.

We hope these simple tips will help you avoid dangerous situations on the road. Be careful while driving!

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