4 Signs That Your Handbag Has Long Gone Out Of Vogue

April 5, 2019

A rare woman leaves her home without a handbag. Some call it an accessory, but in fact, it is much more than that. A handbag is a multifunctional item where you can keep all your stuff: a comb, lipstick, mirror, wallet, phone, and even a couple of spare tights! So, when it comes to choosing a bag, it is important to consider appearance as well as handiness. Still, let's not forget about fashion, because no one wants to carry an outdated clutch around.

Fashionable trends

So, what does fashion have to offer in the new season? Actually, quite a lot!


Bags of this style have a perfect shape and look good both in monochrome and bright prints.

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Spacious handbags don’t look bulky due to classy textures and shapes. It may suit a businesswoman and a student equally well.


Tiny handbags are perfect for meeting with friends, or going to a café or party. This is how a stylish look is created!


If your style varies from romantic to sporty, then a backpack bag will be an excellent choice. This design elegantly combines style and versatility.

Unfashionable trends

What handbags are better to give up in order not to look tasteless? Let's check our wardrobes. Here are the types that have gone out of fashion.

With spikes and rivets

Rock-and-roll is of course pretty much alive, but this bag design is no longer relevant. Forget about such brutal accessories.

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Prints differ, so take a closer at your purse. If it is covered in overbearing roses, set it aside for now. You will get it back when such prints return in fashion.


Don’t attempt to wear fakes to emphasize your status.

Like everyone else’s

As soon as a model becomes super popular and every other woman on the street carries this handbag, know that it's time to give it to your daughter for playing with dolls.

Did you check your wardrobe with us? You can go through this article again and thin your bag collection out. Good luck!

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