5 Unfortunate Mistakes To Avoid If You Don't Want To Look Slovenly


March 12, 2019 14:24 By Fabiosa

Nature gives you the face you have at twenty. Life shapes the face you have at thirty.

– said iconic Coco Chanel.

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These words are truly brilliant because, after all, our appearance in our 40s depends on how we took care of our looks when we were younger. Your beauty in mature age will correspond to the amount of effort you put in it.

Make it a habit to find time for your appearance and then it won’t be difficult to look stunning every day!

1. Take care of your hair

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Dirty, greasy, dandruff-ridden hair sets your look 100 points back! If this is just laziness, pull yourself together, make a schedule of washing your hair, and stick to it no matter what. If it is dandruff, seborrhea, or another disease of the scalp, consult the corresponding doctor.

2. Worn out shoes

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You do not need to wear a pair of Louboutin or Manolo Blahnik heels every day. You can go for something simpler, like sneakers, moccasins, or even flats. But their condition is the basics. No worn out soles, misplaced heeltaps, or cracked leather, let alone pieces of dirt! Include footwear care into your daily routine. As a bonus, your shoes will last longer.

3. Body hair

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Yes, we know that many celebrities promote body positivity, full acceptance of one’s own body, natural beauty, and so on. Here you’ll have to make a choice whether you want to resemble a star in the habit of not shaving your armpits (a rather debatable achievement) or be an ordinary well-groomed woman.

4. Outgrown nails

A durable manicure is a real breakthrough in the field of beauty! While usual polish becomes unsightly in 4-7 days, shellac nails last up to 20 days (unless your own nails grow like crazy)! But some ladies wear outgrown nails for a month or even more! It is harmful to the nails and quite unsightly.

5. Scruffy clothes

Creased, dirty, or stretched clothes make you come across as a sloven. It includes showing underwear, clothes that don’t fit (too tight), and runs on tights. These mistakes can ruin anyone’s image, and if you want to become a truly well-groomed woman, try to avoid making them.

What other mistakes can spoil the impression of a woman? Tell us in the comments! Let's try to be well-groomed together. :)

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