How Can A 45+ Woman Easily Charm Men

May 16, 2019 11:41

Many women believe that enviable forms and young looks are all that matter in the art of seduction. Fortunately, not all men are interested in these parameters exclusively. So stop looking for magical recipes to become younger and learn to use your graceful age to your advantage. Now we will tell how to charm a man with ease if you are 45 or older.


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  1. Before you go “on the hunt,” prepare yourself psychologically. First of all, make sure your self-esteem is alright!
  2. As strange as it may sound, work on your facial expressions in front of the mirror – know your strengths and good angles so you can look your best in men’s eyes.
  3. Learn to be an attentive listener; it will charm anybody.


1. Take care of yourself

No plastic surgery is required. Just take care of your health and look as feminine and well-groomed as possible. Go for minimalism in clothes. This style will help you look aristocratically attractive, which immediately brings out your personality. Exercise, watch your nutrition, and don’t forget about cosmetic care.

2. Find your fragrance

Treat yourself as a work of art. Your image is a combination of various elements which together identify you. Choose a fragrance that will enhance your natural scent and play into the hands of pheromones.

3. Stop being shy

Being shy at this age is tactically erroneous. To everyone around you and to your potential suitor, you need to show that you've been having a great time living and by now are a very wise woman, one who has seen everything and doesn’t care about such trifles as others’ opinions.

4. Emphasize your talents and expertise

By this age, you have most likely already achieved much. You are not some missy looking at the stars and dreaming of a vague yet undoubtedly romantic future. You have plenty of experience, professional skills, and victories. Use them! Tell about your achievements, and if you have an interesting job, then speak of the world through the perspective of your profession.

5. Use graceful body language

Body language is an essential element of communication with the object of attraction. Backed by confidence, this is a sure weapon. After all, facial expressions, gestures, and body language are among the oldest methods of seduction, but they still need to be trained. Just as someone can fall for a beautiful delivery of poetry in French, your body language can win over a potential partner.

Don’t be afraid of your age. It is important not to look back, but to let yourself live in and enjoy the present. Remember that social conventions are changing. Besides, considering the modern advancements of medicine and average life expectancy, you realize that 45+ is only halfway! So, don’t be shy – go on and make new interesting acquaintances.

The material in this article is for informational purposes only and does not replace the advice of a certified specialist.