Lady’s Rules Of Etiquette: How To Behave In A Public Restroom

April 23, 2019

For some weird reason, the word “etiquette” puts a picture of prim gentlemen and ladies wearing funny hats in most people’s heads. But knowing it won’t hurt even in the modern world. Failure to follow basic rules of behavior in public places can ruin one’s reputation beyond repair.

Few people probably know that there are etiquette rules that apply to a public restroom as well. We all visit a WC at work, in restaurants, cinemas, and other public places. So, for everyone’s sake, each person should consider others’ convenience.

How to behave in a public restroom

We have selected some basic rules for you to keep in mind when visiting a restroom in a public place:

1. Don't yank the handle of a closed cubicle. First, it can be unlocked, which can be awkward for you as well as the person inside it. And besides, it is really annoying.

2. Selfies in the restroom are a sign of bad taste. Especially if you are not alone in there.

3. If you want to fix makeup or comb your hair, you shouldn’t occupy a mirror next to the air hand dryer. This will make people wait.

4. No phones in the restroom. It's unhygienic in the least.

5. Don’t take a cubicle next to the one that’s already occupied. It is better to choose the next one from it, if possible, so that there is one empty one between you and another visitor.

6. Refrain from handshakes in the restroom and conversations with a neighbor through the wall of the cubicle.

7. Don’t knock on the doors of locked cubicles. If not one is empty, wait outside the restroom, but don’t hurry others.

8. Don’t forget to wash hands after using the restroom.

Have you had any awkward situations due to lack of knowledge of such rules? Do you find etiquette relevant in all cases? Let us know in the comments!