Mom Of 3 Looks The Same Age As Her Eldest Daughter. People Can’t Tell Them Apart In Photos!


April 15, 2019 16:22 By Fabiosa

Every woman has secrets of preserving young and fresh looks. Some use expensive care products and frequent beauty salons, while others can boast excellent genes and hardly need to waste any time or money. So, how to return the tone and youthfulness of your skin?

It seems that Australian Abigail O'Neill has found the answer to this question. The 44-year-old bikini model is frequently invited for various photo shoots despite the fact that she had given birth and raised 3 children between the ages of 20 and 25!

She looks almost the same age as her daughter and younger sons. Of course, if you look closely, you will see that Abigail’s face is a bit older than that of her daughter, Charlotte. The woman believes that the secret to her beauty has been organic cosmetics for skin care she has used throughout her life.

It’s not time-consuming, expensive, or inefficient as many tend to believe. In Abigail’s beauty bag, there are always ingredients each of us will find affordable: olive, coconut, and essential oils, sea and Epsom salt, honey, cocoa, aloe, and brier. Abigail wears makeup only during work hours and abandons it in everyday life. Cleansing ritual is another secret. She uses a homemade scrub made of a mixture of essential oils, Epsom and sea salts three times a week. It is suitable for both face and body. Coconut oil is an alternative to moisturizing day cream, and cocoa butter for the night. The model applies the latter three times a week just before bedtime.

Another good example to follow is 43-year-old Jessica Enslow, who often gets mistaken for the sister of her 23-year-old daughter, Alyssa. Jessica has 7 children! She had her first in 1994 at the age of 19. Then, she gave birth to 3 more children from her first husband and as many from the second one. Regardless, Jessica feels better than before she had Alyssa more than 20 years ago. She visits the gym several times a week and never skips cardio.

Looking at photos of Yarrellys Ruiz, could you tell that she’s a mother of 3 and already a grandmother of 2? Besides, she is only 39 and looks just like one of her daughter’s friends. Yarrellys is a professional makeup artist, but she never spends too much money on expensive cosmetics for herself. Ms. Ruiz has always preferred coconut oil over any creams and uses witch hazel extract as a toner. The secret of her beauty and youth lies in unfailing care.

These 3 ladies have proven that one doesn’t have to get expensive beauty products or treatments to look 10 or more years younger. The main thing is not to be lazy and to do what is within our power. At least, take care of your health and lead an active lifestyle. And what do you say about their beauty secrets? Are you ready to follow their example?

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