So That's What It’s For! 5 Brilliant Discoveries Made By Web Users That Are Worthy Of Awards

April 25, 2019

Every day, you can do the same things over and over again without ever suspecting that you're doing them wrong. The intended purpose of things that surround us may come as a surprise for many! The world is full of unexpected discoveries, and usually, it is ordinary people who make them.

5 brilliant discoveries made by internet users, who deserve a Nobel prize

1. So that's what that opening in the shower rack is for!

2. You can remove a car seat headrest and use it as a pillow

I accidentally found out that the headrest can be comfortably used as a pillow during 'rest break' in a car. from r/mildlyinteresting

3. An alternative way to use a cheese grater. This is really much handier!

4. It turns out staplers have a place for storing staples at the bottom

5. The clips on the supermarket carts actually have a purpose

Which of the discoveries above was a true revelation for you? Let us know in the comments!