Preparing Different Types Of Rice To Make It Taste Ideally: Find Out The Best Cooking Time

July 11, 2018

Rice is one of the best garnish options, as it fits perfectly with many main courses. It has tender taste, pleasant structure, and even color to please your eye. Moreover, it looks really appetizing on a plate in combination with colorful vegetables!

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Although the most popular type of rice in European countries is round, there are still several varieties that will be no less delicious if properly prepared. Today, we will tell you all the key details about the four different types of rice.

Long-grain rice keeps the shape, does not stick together, and it hardens after cooling. That is the perfect type of rice for cooking pilaf, side dishes, and even salads.

Medium-grain rice becomes soft quickly, sticks together slightly, and tends to absorb odors. Also, it is suitable for pilaf, risotto, paella, and soups.

Short-grain rice becomes creamy and sticks together strongly. This type is used best for sushi, cereals, pies, and desserts.

Brown rice retains useful substances and its beautiful color even after processing. This type of rice isn’t stored for long, is dense, and has a nutty smell. Excellent for cooking pilaf, salads, and soups.

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While preparing white rice, all the shells are removed, so this is where it obtains the color. Unfortunately, together with the shells, all useful substances go away. This rice is stored for a long time, but its taste and aroma are not very distinct. Well suited for cooking garnish, pilaf, casserole, and soup.

Golden rice is soaked, steamed, dried and gets its sheath removed. After all these processes, 80% of the nutrients remain! This kind of rice also has a nutty flavor. You can easily prepare pilaf, salad, garnish and feel its particular taste.

Wild rice is subjected to minimal processing, which makes it the most valuable and expensive. It is gentle and has a pleasant scent. Note, it will take longer to cook such rice. Delicious in combination with the usual rice to prepare salads and soups.

Now, when you go to the supermarket, do not limit yourself to choosing the rice that is ordinary for you. Try to take some new variety and experiment in the kitchen. The result may surprise you!

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