Conundrum: Which 2 Matchsticks Need To Be Moved To Get A 6 Digit Number?

December 21, 2018

You don't necessarily have to buy conundrums or look for websites or applications to install on your phone or tablet. You can invent them yourself using whatever you have available. Here's a creative example – this matchstick conundrum! There are endless possibilities for the conditions you can make up or find an example of somewhere, the only common rule of which will be: "Which matchsticks should you move in order to get..."

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If you are inspired by this idea and want to play with your child, for instance, then it's great! But first, you should practice solving them and here's a logical problem for you to try. Here you need to move 2 matchsticks so that you get the biggest number possible as a result.

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Playing with your child is not only a great way to pass time but also to get to know your child's character. What might seem obvious and easy to you may be seen in a completely different way by your kid. And if you show your support, he or she will definitely share their views and aspirations with you! Playing games together is a great way to always stay young. If not in body, then at least soul!

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So, what about our riddle? Have you managed to find out what 2 matchsticks you need to move? Let's check the results! We got the number 271113!

Do your results match? Then, please, tell with us in the comment section how quick you managed to find the solution.

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