Makeup Artist Revealed 7 Beauty Secrets Of French Women

December 12, 2018

In every country, women have their own beauty secrets that allow them to remain pretty. One of the most common questions French women get is how they manage to look so young. Just remember charming Audrey Tautou who looks 10 at her 42 years old or Isabelle Huppert who is 65 but looks like she's hardly 45! Of course, there can't be just one secret of beauty and youth; a lot of things contribute to that: sport, nutrition and so on. However, there are some tricks about which French makeup artist Violette knows a lot.


Rule №1 – Thorough skin prep

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You need to study your skin: what its advantages and disadvantages are. You need to ensure proper nourishment, vitamin intake, and that you drink enough water. Preparation is not only applying a primer and foundation, it's also putting in maximum effort to make your skin look as natural as possible so that you don't need a lot of makeup.

Rule №2 – Nutrition

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It's no secret that good-looking skin is directly connected with a healthy diet. French women try to consume less sugar and more organic foods. It's more important for them to keep their sugar intake low rather than fat intake.

Rule №3 – Dry your hair right

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French women don't like using a hairdryer. First, they wash their hair with a shampoo, then let it dry on its own and enjoy their elegant natural hairdo the next day.

Rule №4 – Find a perfect haircut 

French ladies like their hair looking healthy and shiny, so they first try to find the right haircut that they will be maintaining at their hairdresser, rather than buying hair products. They usually prefer haircuts up to shoulder length, but there are also exceptions.

Rule №5 – Find your shade of red

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French women are more keen on red lipstick rather than mascara or eyeliner. It's their signature. Just remember Catherine Deneuve! Red lipstick is a tool capable of drawing all attention to you.

Rule №6 – No contouring

These women dislike contouring in makeup as it changes the face structure and it contradicts the rule of being natural. They are more fond of adding a bit of blush and highlighter to the cheeks to acentuate their natural look even more.  

Rule №7 – Say "no" to shimmering eyeshadow


Women in France consider shimmering eyeshadow to be a sign of bad taste, while smokey eyes is just what you need. Sometimes they can limit themselves to wearing eyeliner outlining the eyelashes to make them look darker. Nice trick!


As you can see, these tips are quite useful. It's evident that French women appreciate the natural beauty that you can subtly highlight using makeup products, but only if you do it properly and neatly rather than crudely and untidily. If you admire French ladies' beauty, jot these tips down!

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