One In A Million: Top-5 Zodiac Signs You Can Totally Rely On

April 26, 2019

People can be different: kind or mean, polite or rude, sociable or reserved. Some people take relationships for granted, while others can give their all to a friendship.

We have found out which signs of the zodiac are the best companions and confidants.

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Here is how to play tricks on your friends.

5 zodiac signs that make the best friends

5th place – Virgo

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Everybody loves Virgo for one simple reason. People of this zodiac sign aren't afraid of telling the truth flat out. Drama and scheming are not in their character, they don't conceal anything from their family and friends. Value your Virgo friends because they will always tell you what they really think of you or the problem you're worried about. They are a rare kind nowadays!

4th place – Aries

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Aries won't make friends with just anyone who comes their way; they take their time and observe the people around them. They only have old faithful friends in their circle; they're like family. If you have had the chance to become Aries's friend, you're lucky! When you need it, they'll give you everything they have.

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3rd place – Scorpio

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Scorpions feel about friendship the same way as Virgo and Aries combined. This person chooses people wisely and doesn't take kindly to flattery or conflicts. There are only reliable people in Scorpio's circle; they have complete confidence in their friends. Scorpions also often keep friendships for years, starting from school or even kindergarten.

2nd place – Sagittarius

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Apart from always being sincere with friends, Saggitarians are people you can never get bored with. They are jolly fellows and jokesters; wherever they go, they bring a party along. Saggitarius is a one in a million. A truth-teller and an incredible optimist. You will always be happy and cheerful, and if you're not, then Saggitarius will not take long to correct it.

1st place – Taurus

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There's no one more considerate than Taurus people! They will not only listen to all of your problems, but also will gently push you in the right direction. Tauruses are patient, polite, and gentle people who wouldn't hurt a fly. They solve all disagreements in a peaceful way and can't stand fights and conflicts. Insincerity is not their style!

Do you agree that these zodiac signs make for the best of friends? Or do you have an example to prove it wrong? Tell us in the comments; we're very curious!

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