Attentiveness Test: Who Will Get The Banana First?

November 7, 2018

Being attentive is an important skill for any person as it allows you to avoid numerous unpleasant situations, such as wrong amount of change at the shop, leaving your keys or phone at home, losing a wallet, and and other unwanted mishaps.

To train your attentiveness, it's enough to do regular mini-tests. You might find puzzles, problems, and riddles to be of great help in this instance. And don't think they are child's play! Trust me, if a person has a difficulty focusing, they will struggle even with the seemingly easiest tasks.

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Why don't we do a little brain training? We give you the conditions of a problem, then you have to analyze it as quick as possible and give the right answer.

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The problem

A monkey, koala and parrot are racing one another in climbing a coconut tree. Who will be the first to get the banana?

The condition is really simple, but can you notice the catch, which is an integral part of all puzzles? Think, analyze and give the answer.


Are you sure?

Then it's time to reveal the truth! /

The answer

None of them will get it as they're climbing a coconut tree. Consequently, there are no bananas growing on it.


Did you manage to get the answer right? If not, you must be kicking yourself for being so inattentive. It's not a big deal, just organise little brainstorms like this every once in a while to improve your concentration. What was your answer? Share your results in the comments below.

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