Get Him Hooked Forever: 5 Fundamental Rules To Make A Man Obsessed With You

November 19, 2018

There are numerous books written for women which tell how to get men's attention. But, unfortunately, the number of single beauties isn't decreasing. It's extremely difficult to get married and build a serious relationship in the era where men put off taking the responsibility as long as they can. We have prepared for you a few really effective tips which were tried and tested. They have helped many ladies to become happy.

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Advice from gurus Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider

Thanks to Ellen Fein's and Sherrie Schneider's book "The Rules" many women succeeded in making the man of their dreams obsessed with them and ready for a serious relationship.

1. Let the man feel like he's a hunter

Don't approach, call or text him first. Also, don't ask him out.

When the man you're interested in texts you, don't text back straight away. Wait some time. It's not a good idea to reply to texts sent after midnight either.

2. Have some personal space

Except for the man you need to have your own entertaining and eventful life. Don't spend all your free time with him.

3. Don't date a married man

A married man will never be fully hung up on you. If there's nothing left between him and his wife, they'll split up. Only then he may call you. While he's hesitating, don't wait for him. Be open to new acquaintances.

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4. Don't go for one night stands

Such meaningless connections rarely have a happy ending. If you truly want to find a serious relationship, turn down these offers.

5. Don't wait for a proposal for years

If you are an adult woman and your relationship lasts for over a year, speak with your partner about marriage. Inform him that you are not willing to date for ages. If he's not ready, offer him to take a break and think it through. Show that you value yourself. You'll see, he'll put a ring on it.

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How to receive gifts

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A man in love is happy to give his woman gifts. But some women aren't used to it. A Russian blogger Mila Levchuk, a relationship-saving expert, recommends the following plan.

  1. Ask wholeheartedly, show that the present is important to you.
  2. Do it, when both of you are in a good mood.
  3. Be firm in your decision.
  4. Draw him a picture of the future. Tell him why you need this thing.

Do you agree with the rules given above? Or are you certain that if you don't approach a man yourself and if you don't call, he'll forget about you? Share your opinion in the comments below!

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