3 Types Of Employees Who Get Sacked First

December 18, 2018

Being fired always hurts, unless you have decided to leave the job yourself. A mistake here can damage both employee and company because as it often happens, when a valuable employee gets sacked, a replacement is a far cry both in terms of qualification and experience.

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To avoid the lose-lose situation described above, it is important to adjust your behavior or attitude before it is too late.

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3 types of employees who get fired first

1. Opponents of change and development

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Business doesn’t stand still. Almost every sphere has undergone tremendous changes in the few recent years. For this reason, management of most companies is trying to keep up with the times, introducing new technologies and organizing adequate training for their staff. Don’t miss any chance to improve your skills if you want to keep your job. Nowadays, learning is interesting, popular, and affordable. By resisting change, you become a number one candidate for dismissal.

2. Those who shift responsibility

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Workers of this type always look extremely busy. But, if you dig deeper, it turns out that they spend most of the time shifting responsibilities onto their colleagues and finding explanations why they can’t be doing this or that. It is not surprising that they are on the manager’s shortlist of getting fired.

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3. Moaners and gossip starters

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Some employees find discussing the latest news of their colleagues’ personal life much more interesting than actually working. They know everything: who got a bonus last month, who earns what, who is having an affair with whom. Such an employee is a potential risk of data leakage, including confidential information, and management can’t take that risk.

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In most cases, it is easy to avoid being fired. Merely do your job diligently, and be responsible and responsive.

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