Big No-No! The Most Ridiculous Accessories For Women Over 40

March 4, 2019

With age, women develop a sense of style. They learn that looking beautiful and appropriate takes more than a good choice of clothes. You also need to pick the right makeup and accessories. After all, they create accents and complete the look. And it's your choice whether the accessories make you look more stylish or add a few years! Today we will tell you what not to wear after you’ve had your 40th birthday.

Accessories that make you look older

Bulky earrings

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Visually, they draw attention to aging skin of the earlobes and neck. Earrings don’t have to become the centerpiece of the look in this case, so neat and simple ones will be a better option.

Jewelry ensembles

Too old-fashioned. This is not in style anymore. A set of jewelry will give you an air of the previous century.


Be careful with them. They are not a taboo, but the simpler the better. A good example would be a long pearl necklace worn with a stylish white blouse and black pantsuit.

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Wrong metal

If your skin is of a warmer shade, then go with gold. Silver is more suitable for pale skin. The wrong metal can highlight your wrinkles.

Accessories that look ridiculous on mature women


It goes without saying, doesn’t it? This accessory is too daring. Leave it for teenage girls. It will look at the very least strange on a mature woman.

Handmade low-quality accessories

No threads, beads, and other handmade stuff. Not only is it ‘teenage jewelry,’ it is considered tasteless and unfashionable. There is no place for these in your jewelry box.

Accessories of childish shapes

Leave all the elephants, shells, and stars in their past. Such decoration will definitely not benefit an adult woman.

Several bracelets and rings at the same time

It’s unadvised to overload your image with such accessories unless you are on an island dancing by the fire.

How to choose perfect jewelry as a 40+ woman

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  1. Choose metals that complement your skin tone.
  2. Choose light earrings of minimalistic design.
  3. Combine different accessories, for example, a minimalistic ring and a stylish watch of another metal.
  4. If you are buying jewelry, go for quality.
  5. If you want to wear jewelry on your neck, then make sure that your clothes are of a basic shade (black, white, red, beige, or gray). This way you will avoid overloading your look with details.

Try incorporating all these tips in your looks and forget about appearing older than you really are.

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