5 Makeup Mistakes That Make Your Eyes Look Smaller

November 2, 2018 19:33

Sometimes we spend a lot of time on makeup, paying attention to every minor detail, only in the end to get the opposite effect. Trying to make their look brighter and more expressive, some women make mistakes that prevent them from achieving their desired result.

5 makeup mistakes that make your eyes look smaller

1. No shading of the outline

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When putting on eyeliner, don't forget to feather the outline. Otherwise, your look will seem "heavy", and your eyes small. Remember that in perfect makeup, there should not be any clear lines.

2. Too light concealer

The problem of dark circles under the eyes is probably familiar to every other woman. Concealer really helps to effectively mask imperfections, but it is very important to choose the right shade. A too light tone will make your eyes look smaller.

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3. Lower eyelid contour line

Only those who have big eyes can use this technique, and even then, not always. A contour line of the lower eyelid, especially in dark shades, can create the feeling that you are squinting all the time.

4. Wrong color eyeshadow

Choose shades and tones according to the color of your eyes. Dark shades will not emphasize brown eyes, and blue ones will not add depth to blue eyes. Nevertheless, if you do decide on a similar shade of makeup, apply a dark eyeliner over the eyeshadow, otherwise, it will seem as if you are looking through a peeping hole!

5. No curling of the upper eyelashes

If nature has not given to you a beautiful eyelash curl, special tweezers and mascara will come to the rescue! Slightly curling the upper eyelashes before applying makeup will make your look more open and expressive.

It’s very easy to go wrong while creating an image. Even world-famous celebrities sometimes have blunders such as these. Think about these tips when you do your makeup next time, and don't forget to share them with your friends!

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