5 Hair Salon Procedures That Really Work

October 12, 2018

It is no secret that well-groomed and thick hair is a pride of any woman, regardless of haircut and length. Frequent dyeing, ironing, curling, and other procedures put the hair under a lot of stress. But, although hairdressers and stylists strongly recommend certain procedures for restoration, many of them don’t provide the expected result. How to choose a procedure that really helps and does not make you regret money wasted? Let's find out.

Salon VS home

Either option has its pros and cons. There is a common belief that only those who have serious hair problems need special care they can get only in a salon. This statement is only partially true. Of course, proper nutrition, quality shampoos and hair products will help keep the hair beautiful. However, many salon procedures are aimed at a long-term and more visible effect. And, despite many people’s arguments, most procedures are difficult to repeat at home: there is a risk of harming the hair and not achieving the desired effect.

Benefits of professional care

Leaving the financial aspect aside, salon procedures really have plenty of advantages. Among them:

  • the work of professional hairdressers;
  • high-quality materials suitable for your hair type;
  • long-term and noticeable effect;
  • important tips from a stylist.

After determining your hair type, you can safely begin to improve it.

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Types of salon procedures

There are a lot of them. Some of them are more familiar to us, while others seem absolutely unimaginable. We will focus on those, which provide a noticeable effect and are the most comfortable.


Suits girls with thin hair that lacks volume.

A classic procedure that does not affect the health of the hair, but can improve its appearance. There are several types of lamination, including glazing, screening and the like. The hair is washed with a special shampoo, and a product for opening the cuticle cells is applied. The procedure takes about 1-1.5 hours and makes the hair smooth and pleasant to the touch.

Fire cut

Suits owners of split ends and thick hair.

Fire cut is basically burning that helps get rid of dry, unhealthy tips. The hairdresser soaks a cotton swab with alcohol, holds it with pliers and gently applies to the locks. But don’t be afraid: the procedure is absolutely safe and it will bring back a beautiful look of a disobedient mane.

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Suits women with damaged hair.

Yes, there is such a service for hair. It provides an instant effect and is very simple in execution. The hair is washed with shampoo and then a special composition is applied, which heals the damaged areas and also feeds the hair with vitamins, ceramides, and oils.


Suits owners of rebel hair.

Biolamination includes all the benefits of conventional lamination. In addition, during the procedure, the hair is saturated with vitamins and nutrients.


Suits people prone to hair loss.

Performed in several sessions using ice and dry nitrogen. The organism experiences a little stress and starts to function more intensely. Thus, the hair becomes healthier and stronger.

How do you take care of your hair? Have you had any of these procedures? Would you like to try?

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