Fashion For Tall Women By The Example Of Ivanka Trump

August 22, 2018

Ivanka Trump is an excellent example of a business woman who excels in many areas: in politics, as she helps her father, in business, in creative activity (she’s written a book), as well as in family life (she is happily married raising three children together with her husband). An exemplary woman!


Let's not forget that Ivanka always looks great, choosing the outfits that remarkably balance between business classics and everyday elegance. Ivanka is 5′ 11″ (180 cm) and can be considered quite tall. If you have a similar body constitution, now we will help you figure out how to dress better, so as to use your height to your advantage.



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Wearing floor-long and wide pants a tall woman will appear even taller, and her legs – longer. This is not always desirable, so Ivanka opts for slightly cropped pants. Exposing an ankle she visually emphasizes her footwear as well as the suit.

Midi length


Who else would wear it, if not tall girls? To look best, dresses and skirts of midi length need space. It is important to make an accent on the waist so that it is the focus of attention.



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Let's go back a bit. We already told you about cropped pantsuits, but what about separate pants? Choose the ones with a high waist to emphasize it, and also tuck a shirt or turtleneck in your pants. Wide straight trousers which are now in vogue will look great. They make the best of long legs. And they don’t necessarily need to be body-tight!



Who said that tall ladies don’t need to wear them? Forget this nonsense. Ivanka chooses flat shoes and court shoes or heeled sandals, which look marvelous on Ivanka along with midi dresses/skirts. What you need is to find the right shoes, that won’t make you taller than your partner. Ivanka did just that!

Trench coat


An autumn trend, which is simply a must for any tall girl. Trench coats look great both over dresses or pants, which gracefully show from below. Stylish shoes or boots (no special requirement on high heels) will complement the look.

Go easy on the mini


This phenomenon is difficult to explain, but short dresses don’t look as good as longer ones on tall women. There is nothing wrong with longer dresses because you can look sexy and effective in a dress of any length, providing that it suits you.

By the example of Ivanka Trump, we demonstrated some fashion tips for tall ladies. Consider these recommendations to always look dashing!

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