How To Care For Plastic Windows: 5 Things That Window Fitters “Forget” To Mention

September 7, 2018

Plastic windows are a real salvation for many homeowners. Not only do they look aesthetically pleasing but also protect a house from cold, heat, and noise. A choice of a window fitting company is as important as the subsequent care for the window. Of course, if you want it to serve you for decades.

We will tell about 5 things that many professional plastic window fitters keep quiet about.

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1. Gaskets

The gasket serves to ensure that the window frames are tightly sealed, thus preventing drafts. Not everyone knows that the rubber band requires lubrication 2-3 times a year with oil, so that it doesn’t lose elasticity. Surely, the gaskets can be replaced every few years, but why not prolong the service life of the original ones?

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2. Hardware

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To protect the hardware from damage for a long time, make sure to open and close the windows without excessive efforts, yanking, and pushing. In addition, all movable joints must be regularly lubricated with engine oil to avoid corrosion and prevent premature wear.

3. Windowsill

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Windowsills require regular wiping with a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt. Over time, their surface darkens or acquires a yellowish tone due to the exposure to sunlight. Don’t rush to replace the windowsill, as it always can be repainted back in snow-white.

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4. Summer and winter modes

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Many plastic windows are equipped with seasonal hardware. What it means is that the frame is fitted with special locking mechanisms that allow you to change the window between the summer and winter mode. For this, open the window and find the locking mechanism.

5. Drainage holes

Modern plastic windows are equipped with drainage holes, which have at least two important functions:

  • prevent water from accumulating on the frame and glass;
  • prevent the appearance of ice between the glass.

However, in order for drainage holes to function well, it is important to clean them from dust and dirt from time to time.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult about taking care of plastic windows. You can do all these procedures along with washing the window, and then, it will last for many, many years!

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