7 Simple Tricks To Look Younger Than Your Age

August 16, 2018

Even if you feel young and vibrant in the shower, your reflection in the mirror may not always satisfy you.

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However, there are several simple tricks that will help you improve your physical health, feel more confident, and look the age you feel.

1. Sit upright


Paul D'Arezzo, M.D., says that people with good posture often look younger, happier and more confident, than those who constantly slump, lift their shoulders or tilt to one side. Good posture makes you feel better by preventing pain in the muscles and joints, as well as headaches due to reduced tension in the neck.

Take up regular yoga or pilates. These exercises will strengthen the abdominal, pelvis, and lower back muscles, which will help maintain your body in a vertical position. Besides, if you lead a sedentary lifestyle, try stretching every hour.

2. Lighten the eyebrows

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According to experts, thick dark eyebrows make you look older, while light ones have the opposite effect. Dyeing the eyebrows will give you an open fresh look for the next 4-6 weeks. It won’t be redundant to complement the look with blush.

3. Use highlighters

Get some highlights to contour the face, which are two colors lighter than the color of your hair. It will make you hair look shinier and healthier, which is the basis of youthful looks and helps to mask the changes that occur with the skin after 40 years, namely its shade turning dull and pale.

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4. Grow long hair ... or cut it!


Experts say if you have thick hair, the shoulder length and longer will make you look less than your age. If you have thin hair, then go for a short haircut to get the same effect.

5. Buy a new bra

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With age breast sag - we all know it, but it is not advisable to show it. “At the first signs of sagging, buy a bra with push-up,” advises the author of the book about bras Susan Nethero. “It will help get your bust line back to where it used to be in your youth, precisely halfway between a shoulder and an elbow.”

6. Do a manicure

Not so long ago, British plastic surgeons conducted a study, the results of which proved that nail polish and rings can divert the attention from signs of aging, such as veins and age spots. The researchers asked people to estimate women’s age, solely based on photographs of their hands. As a result, 49% of the respondents concluded that manicured women's hands looked younger, 52% said the same thing about jewelry.

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7. Take care of your smile

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A radiant smile helps you look healthy and young. Of course, nothing comes close to professional teeth whitening in a dental clinic, but if you can’t afford this procedure, there are lots of special toothpastes and whiteners that can also restore dazzling whiteness of your smile.

These simple tricks will make you look much younger, healthier, and more attractive!

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