Foil Ball In A Washer? This Unusual Trick Can Help You Get Rid Of A Few Laundry Problems

April 23, 2019 17:19

Every year, manufacturers all over the world produce new models of washers and dryers. However, laundry at times can still seem a lot like a lottery. Sometimes different stains stay on clothes, no freshness is achieved, or even new problems appear after using the washer. One of the most annoying problems for the experienced women is static cling.

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Regardless of how modern your washer is, this repeated problem requires constant care. Apart from that, no matter how expensive the softeners are, there is no guarantee that the laundry will no longer electrify. Luckily, there is a solution to your static hassles!

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You ask: is there any remedy? The answer is yes, and it is extremely simple. An ordinary ball of aluminum foil will help you get rid of annoying static and improve the drying process.

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You might know that aluminum reduces static electricity and, therefore, enhances the effect of softeners. Just roll up a couple of tight balls of foil and toss them in the washer machine along with your clothes.

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The same ball can be used up to six months.

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Try checking this simple trick by yourself and meet the desired result. Stop wasting money on additional anti-static agents, which don’t always guarantee success. Have you ever tried this method? Maybe you know some other tricks for better laundry washing and drying? Share your experience in the comments.

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