How To Grow Seedlings In Tea Bags: Experienced Gardeners Share An Important Life Hack

October 29, 2018

Home vegetables and fruits are worth their weight in gold in the modern world. They are fresh, tasty, and healthy, besides always being at hand. However, it is important to remember the guarantee of a good harvest depends on healthy seedlings, and looking after them isn’t always as easy as it may seem. In addition, professional approaches usually require a lot of money, but may be unsuccessful in the end. Luckily, while new gardeners always complain and don’t know what to do, experienced green thumbs don’t mind using easy, domestic tips to grow healthy seedlings.

The benefits of tea bags in gardening

Used tea bags are an excellent substitution for peat tablets. Thanks to this cultivation method, the plant needs no other nutrition, helping it develop a better root system. This option helps in cases where the grown plant doesn’t tolerate various transplanting. Moreover, bags are much more convenient for small seeds. That is why it is a great way to combine business with pleasure if you like tea.

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How do you use them?

  1. While you may use any bags for seedlings, it is better to opt for black tea without any additives.
  2. After using the tea bag for tea, dry it and cut open one side of the bag where it was glued.
  3. Fill the bag with soil and place the seeds. Plant a few of them together so that you can thin seedlings out and keep the strongest.
  4. Place the bags with the seeds in a container. Add some more soil.
  5. Put them tightly along each other and pour some warm water over as gently as possible.
  6. If the soil begins to subside, top it up with some more where necessary.

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Keep the seedling container in a warm place with enough light so that the seeds can grow steadily.

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Seedlings can also be planted directly in the soil in tea bags: the plant’s roots will soon easily break the bag. Just don’t forget to water them properly. However, for the best effect, it is advisable to break the bag before planting – don’t make your “babies’” life too complicated!

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We hope that after this brief guide your gardening skills will only improve, and your veggie garden will flourish from this easy home gardening tip. May your harvest be lush enough for your entire family to feast upon.

Do you know any other little secrets to successful cultivation that would be useful to other gardeners? Share your experience in the comments.

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