How To Choose A Belt According To Your Figure To Hide Body Imperfections

October 19, 2018

Every woman in the world is unique, meaning there is no single figure type. No matter what body a woman has, voluptuous or slender, everyone always tries to focus on their strengths. Of course, it is easier to present yourself in summer, when clothes are light and emphasize everything you need. However, with the arrival of cold weather, warm sweaters and cardigans seem to deprive women of their femininity. Luckily, the problem of formless sweaters or bulky coats can be easily solved with the help of a simple belt!


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Women often ignore this accessory. However, it is possible not only to create an unusual and interesting image with the help of a belt, but also to emphasize all the body's features.


We offer you a brief guide on how to identify your type of figure and understand which belt will be most appropriate for you.

Inverted triangle

The main characteristics of this body type are wide shoulders and narrow hips. Remember, your main goal is to focus exactly on the hips, therefore balancing the figure. You will need a belt with an interesting decoration or a massive buckle to embellish your waist.


The apple body shape has a full waist. Your task is to hide it and make the image more slender. A thin belt should be tied just above the waist. For example, a cloth monochrome tape would be a perfect option.

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You have pronounced hips, so the belt should be worn at the waist. Avoid massive designs – a thin belt with an interesting print will successfully flaunt your waist and divert attention from large hips.


For such body shape, the belt simply has to become part of the wardrobe! Wide belts will successfully underline all advantages of your figure and, most importantly, will highlight your narrow waist.


If you have a rectangular-type figure, you will find it rewarding to wear braided belts of unusual shape. Feel free to experiment and wear a belt on the waist or hips – they will only emphasize your body type.

Well, we've discovered our figure type; now we need to find out what to combine the belts with in order to create an interesting image. Stylists recommend wearing belts with denim shirts, dresses, elongated cardigans, sweaters, and even coats. Combine your leather belts and chains with outfits to give your image an exclusive style.

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So, how do you feel about belts? Do you use them in your daily wardrobe? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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