Nope, It's Not The Color! One Huge Difference Between Kate And Meghan's Christmas Outfits

December 26, 2018

Christmas is a true holiday also for the reason that the royals' fans finally get to see Kate, William, Harry, and Meghan all together! On this day the whole royal family sets off to a church service; therefore, paparazzi get a chance to take unforgettable pictures of the popular four. And did they!


Meghan and Kate finally walk side by side letting everyone to take a closer look at the outfits of the beautiful Duchesses. They created such a wonderful contrast in their clothing: Kate chose burgundy and chili oil shades while Meghan went for navy blue and black. But it's not the colors that were the key difference between the Duchesses' looks!


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Fairly recently, we've told you how Meghan manages to look younger and trendier then Kate (even though she is actually 6 months older). Well, today we'll analyze their looks entirely. Kate's outfit is strictly conservative and conventional, from her shoes to her hat.


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She opted for a classic coat dress perfected with a brooch, which may be considered prestigious in royal families, but there is no way it can be called trendy and modern. Instead of a hat, she chose a headband, another traditional accessory. Dark tights are absolute classics. Her overall image is pure restraint.


What about Meghan? Yes, she chose a dark look, but look at how stylish it is! You can almost sense her trendy aura: leather boots and gloves, minimalist jewelry, a bag of an unusual shape, asymmetrical features on her hat, plain, slim-fit dress, and an oversized coat. This look could easily be seen on a page of a fashion magazine.


As we can see, Meghan keeps on slowly but steadily introducing up-to-date trends into her outfits. She skillfully combines the distinction of the royal protocol with modern-day fashion rules, which cuts way for a new, fresh royal fashion! Kate doesn't risk experimenting; she sticks to classics and traditions. That is their main fashion difference.

So, which style do you prefer? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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