Slacking Off? Matthew McConaughey Gained A Few Pounds And Flashed His Potbelly On The Beach

July 4, 2019 17:11

Matthew McConaughey is definitely on the list of the most desired Hollywood men. He is always smiling and in a good mood, incredibly charismatic and talented, and always in great shape. If Matthew gained some pounds, he did it exclusively for the cinema – take the movie Gold, where he played the leading role.

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After gaining weight, the actor just as quickly got back in almost perfect shape every time to flash his magnificent body during the premieres of his films. But it seems that now Matthew has decided to relax.

Getty Images / Ideal Image

The ubiquitous paparazzi captured McConaughey on the beach in Greece, where he was enjoying some downtime with his family. Although you can still see the muscles behind the layer of fat, the man's definitely gained a few extra pounds. Perhaps he decided to take a break from the gym temporarily and stopped following a rigorous diet.

Well, few people stick to a diet and exercise regularly on vacation. In addition, age is also one of the reasons for his imperfect shape. Let's not forget that in November 2019, the actor turns 50 years old.

We're hoping this is McConaughey’s temporary weakness. Or maybe he's preparing for a new role?

Do you think McConaughey should return to his previous form, or does he looks quite nice with his new belly? Share your opinions in the comments!