“Someone Teach That Actress How To Hold A Child”: Meghan Markle Got Mom-Shamed For Handling Archie

July 15, 2019

When it comes to the British royal family, its youngest representatives are even more interesting to the public than the adult ones. Take the little Cambridges for example, who can make a riot out of the blue. But lately, many have been looking forward to the public appearances of Archie, Harry and Meghan’s first-born.

On July 10, 2019, the first-time mother gave fans a wonderful reason to admire the baby, who turned 2 months a few days earlier. Meghan arrived at Billingbear Polo Club in Wokingham to cheer for Harry and William who took part in the tournament.

But while most people doted on rare photos of Archie and his beautiful mother, some media wrote that the Duchess got seriously mom-shamed. Allegedly, many didn’t like the way she held her child. Some internet users claimed that the child was uncomfortable, others were worried that she might have dropped him, and still others disapproved of the fact that Archie was too lightly dressed.

Obviously, such posts didn’t go unnoticed. Readers have already commented on their media interpretation. Some remarks about the Duchess were quite offensive, but many users of the internet stood up for the newbie mother.

@Evie S:

Meghan, please let Archie's nanny show you the proper way to hold an infant for those times you are without assistance.


Looks like baby is trying desperately to escape!


If this baby is 5 weeks, baby should have a hat on and socks. Babies this young should be dressed properly to protect them from the elements - especially if this is in the UK where the climate is temperate.


When you hold a baby, that you gave birth to, you hold it properly.


just how is she coping with the people around her breathing the same air.

Let us remind you that a few days before this, the Duchess visited Wimbledon to support her close friend, Serena Williams, and allegedly ordered to ensure that no one photographs her because the visit wasn’t official.

But let's see what they said in Markle’s defense.


If a baby is uncomfortable it will cry and scream. If the baby isn't crying and screaming its probably fine.


That is her baby she was doing just fine..she is a new mom I wish people would leave her alone.


I don't see anything wrong with the way Meghan is holding the baby. The baby looks quite content, he's sleeping. Some people just have to make problems. I guess they have nothing good in their life. It's sad.


She just needed to have a baby carriage. She is a new mom. She will learn.

@Nancy S:

The baby in Meghan's arms looks safe and secure. Give her a break. She is doing just fine. Shame on anyone for commenting on what she is wearing. It is her choice, not yours. If you don't like it, don't buy it. I won't, if only for the cost.

Though Markle is not as experienced a mother as Middleton, there is nothing alarming in the way she handled her child. Yes, he is still too young to hold the head on his own, so she supported it. Besides, the baby should not lie all the time, and the vertical position parallel to the mother's body is one of the most natural.

There will always be people who enjoy criticizing celebrities. What do you think about Meghan and Archie? Is she really as irresponsible and inept as some netizens claim her to be?