Still Not Sure After 3 Years? Orlando Bloom And Katy Perry Put Off Their Wedding For An Odd Reason

June 21, 2019

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom started dating in 2016. There have been ups and downs in their relationship – soon the celebrities broke up.

However, the time off wasn't too long before the lovebirds quickly realized that they can't live without each other.

In February 2019, on Valentine's Day, Orlando proposed to Katy, and the singer said yes!

But that was it. The couple hasn't announced their wedding date since then. 

In early June, on KISS Breakfast Perry was asked how the preparation and wedding planning was going. She replied that for now, they are not rushing it, but trying to lay a good emotional foundation for a lifetime of commitment. The singer told that she and her beau decided to put off the wedding for the time being.

It should be mentioned that both Orlando and Katy divorced a few years after they had said their vows to their exes. Perry was married to Russell Brand, and Bloom to supermodel Miranda Kerr.

So, it's not surprising that they are more thorough before their second marriage in order to not repeat the same mistakes.

We can only hope that Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom will eventually have a beautiful wedding and these two will spend a lifetime of happiness together!