"She's Pretty Even In A Mess": Nicole Kidman's Husband Dedicated A Song To Her, Hinting To Their Personal Life


March 13, 2019 14:21 By Fabiosa

Hardly anyone can envy the feminine destiny of famous Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman. Her relationship with Tom Cruise resembled life on a volcano, especially when he left her in her third month of pregnancy. Subsequent to him leaving, she had a miscarriage.

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Despite the terrible pain that Cruz caused her, Kidman forgave him and continued communicating with him. Perhaps time heals indeed, especially since Nicole now has excellent relations with country music star Keith Urban. Hopefully, all the past horrors for the actress are finally over!

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It seems that complete mutual understanding reigns in the celebrity family. If you look at their joint photos, you can see that they are crazy about each other!

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About a year ago, Keith wrote a song called Gemini. It's likely that every listener had an idea to whom he dedicated this song. Some of the lines are really intriguing:

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She’s a maniac in the bed,

But a brainiac in her head.

In a recent interview, Keith admitted that this song is entirely about Nicole and she likes it very much.

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The couple got married in 2006 and has 2 children. It is remarkable that during 13 years of a joint life, their relationship became only stronger. And we believe there are still many pleasant and warm moments ahead for them.

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