So, Who Is The Dad? Spanish TV Channel Mistakenly Called Archie’s Father A Completely Different Harry

May 13, 2019 16:49

In spring 2019, the fans of the British royal family all over the world were longing for the most awaited event: the birth of the Dukes of Sussex’s first child! It finally happened on May 6th – Meghan Markle welcomed Archie Harrison. The boy was just born and had already made a lot of noise on the web!

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For example, we have already found out whether baby Archie should bow to his cousins ​​when he grows up. Or wondered, after whom the parents named the boy? Did Prince George give a hint?

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Overall, Archie has already become popular, and his name makes all royal family fans search around for the latest news about everything connected to him.

This is exactly how our subject of today, a Twitter user, spotted a sensation on a Spanish TV channel. She managed to picture the “real” parents of the newborn. Did you know that Archie’s actual father is famous singer Harry Styles!

Harry (the Styles one) is also British, and that is where his similarities with the Duke of Sussex end. Well, we can only wonder how the channel could have made such a silly blunder?

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Twitter users instantly spread this fail around the web:

Here is even a hilarious meme on the topic:

Of course, anyone can make mistakes, but why have they chosen exactly Harry Styles? Do they know something we have no idea about? What do you think about this?