Lost Even More Weight? Angelina Jolie Appeared Exhausted As She Attended A Film Premiere

March 12, 2019 17:47

Today, we see Angelina Jolie at significant social events quite rarely. The beloved actress ignores even Academy Awards ceremonies!

Getty Images / Ideal Image

Fans have to watch the actress in the pictures taken by paparazzi, who periodically capture her on a walk or some minor events with her children.

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On March 11, Angelina attended the premiere of the Disney cartoon Dumbo, along with her kids.

Despite her radiant skin and smile, Angelina looked tired – even exhausted, with dark rings under her eyes. Didn’t you get enough sleep, Angie?

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Apart from that, it seems that Jolie has lost even more weight. We can clearly see her collarbone, thin arms, and “sharp” shoulders.

Although Angelina chose a maxi dress that completely covers her legs, she couldn’t hide her thinness.

Who knows, maybe the actress is still going through a rough time because of the break with Brad Pitt? Unlike his former wife, he leads a much more active way of social life: he acts in films and attends various social events.

Let's hope that Jolie's thinness is her personal choice, and it has nothing to do with health problems. We all want her to be occupied in some interesting project to get back to the big screen!

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