Evening Or Corporate Image? Queen Letizia Of Spain Opted For Another Great Experimental Outfit

January 23, 2019 17:02

Queen Letizia of Spain has never hidden her love for fashionable clothes. Her outfits have always been in line with the latest trends and unusual experiments. Letizia always knows what is fashionable right now, so she actively tries these things on, making her one of the trendiest Queens in the world. Moreover, she never gets tired of proving it!

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During another official event in the royal palace, Letizia appeared in a very original outfit. No, it wasn’t a dress or a pantsuit.

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The Queen preferred the maxi skirt in a fashionable burgundy shade. Moreover, it is made of velvet material and satin elements. These fabrics look very noble and expensive. The subtle slit helped Letizia move freely, so the long skirt didn’t hinder her movement.

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Letizia picked up shoes to match the skirt’s tone. At the same time, she opted to make the top of the outfit simple – a high-collared cream blouse – to place emphasis on the elegant bottom of the image.

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Letizia chose rather dark makeup: smokey eyes and crimson-pink lips. The Queen decided to gather hair at the nape, which looked very harmonious with such an outfit. In addition, this solution allowed her to emphasize luxurious diamond earrings. It seems that everything was perfect in this image!

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What do you think about it? Did you like the outfit? Do you think it is a worthy alternative to an evening dress? Share your opinions in the comments.

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