How Juicy, Letizia! The Queen’s Wide Stride Revealed What’s Hiding Beneath Her High Slit

February 5, 2019

Queen Letizia of Spain has always been known for her excellent sense of style, ability to select fashionable and spectacular images, as well as experiment with various outfits. All her clothes are drenched in elegance and modernity. She isn’t afraid to wear things that may be excessively casual, for example, leather skirts or long boots.

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However, does it always benefit the royal? Sometimes, by chance, an official outfit can turn into a revealing one, without even knowing about it, until the photos appear on the internet! Unfortunately, this is what happened to the Queen during the recent Forum Against Cancer.

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It would seem that she chose quite a reserved outfit for the event: a brown midi skirt, a black fine-knit jumper, a pair of long boots to match the tone, and a clutch. However, when Letizia began to walk quickly, the journalists were stunned with the images that flashed out from the high slit!

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The skirt turned out to be not fit for the Queen’s fast gait and showed off her legs together with the boots that turned Letizia’s outfit into a rather revealing image. Moreover, the incidents weren’t over here.

When Letizia stood under sharp lighting, her white bra became clearly visible from under the black top.

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We don’t know if the Queen expected such elements of her image to be revealed in public, but the photographers were lucky to be present at the event. Hopefully, Letizia will take her mistakes into account to avoid similar embarrassments again!

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