“I Am Tired Of Surviving!” Top Model, Who Was Earning Millions, Is Forced To Spend Nights On The Street

February 8, 2019

The fashion world can be really cruel. Here, you can meet children who are already retiring at the age of 6. The rules are simple in the modeling business: you need to work hard and carefully monitor your figure. An extra pound will close you the road to the catwalk.

The fate of former top model Nastasia Urbano turned out to be unfair. At the peak of her popularity, the girl took part in all the fashion shows, collaborated with Revlon and Yves Saint Laurent, dined with top celebrities like Jack Nicholson, and was in great demand.

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For 20 days of work, Nastasia received a million dollars. She had everything – fame, money, recognition, popularity:

I had everything, I was living like a queen.

What else could a girl dream of?

Soon, Nastasia got married and welcomed two children. It would seem that life was a success! Not every woman can boast of an overwhelming career and a successful marriage at the same time. However, everything has an end.

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Nastasia was so blinded by love that she trusted her husband wholeheartedly. She couldn’t imagine that one day he would leave her with nothing. Not only did he live on her money but also, after the divorce, he received everything that Nastasia earned by hard work:

The only good thing from that relationship has been my children, the rest was horrible.

After that, Nastasia has been kicked out from a lot of rented apartments because of failed payments. At the moment, the former top model is close to being homeless. If she is lucky, she spends the night with friends or in a bank, whose doors are open around the clock.

Having learned that Nastasia was in trouble, her former colleagues decided to cooperate and help her. They are convinced that the woman can still offer much to the fashion world.

Let us hope that Nastasia will soon get out of poverty, and her ex-husband will be the last person who hurt her!

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