“Excellent” Gift For Princess Eugenie’s Wedding: Meghan’s Father Thomas Confessed To Taking Drugs

October 15, 2018 15:45

The British royal family has never been as popular as in the recent time: the public enthusiastically discussed the preparations for Princess Eugenie’s wedding, Kate Middleton’s first outings after the maternity leave, as well as the first foreign tour of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Moreover, it seemed that the conflict between Meghan Markle and her paternal relatives had finally cooled down.


While Thomas kept silence, his eldest daughter, Samantha, held the public attention. Quite unexpectedly for everyone, she apologized to Meghan and even said that she continued to love her, despite everything, in interviews with British talk shows.

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Just before the filming, Samantha Markle arrived in London to meet her sister but didn’t succeed: she didn’t manage to get into Buckingham or Kensington Palaces.

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Nevertheless, Meghan’s family drama has recently sparkled again. Just a day before Eugenie’s wedding ceremony, Thomas Markle made a sensational confession: the man claimed that he had been taking drugs during his work as the lighting director.

Meghan’s father assured it had nothing to do with addiction. Thomas mentioned it was a one-time incident. He also noted that it was quite normal in those days, given how hard the work in the film industry has been. This did not affect his attitude towards his youngest daughter, whom he always genuinely loved.

Thomas’s revelation didn’t end here. Delving into the memories of his youth, he mentioned his frequent visits to the “gentlemen’s establishment” Playboy Club in the Philippines.

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Even though Meghan had a short break due to her father’s temporary silence and Samantha’s apologies, she didn't have peace for long. Probably, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were disappointed and embarrassed by the revelation, especially since they were made public just before Eugenie’s wedding. This day was supposed to be special for the daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson. She was forced to postpone the celebration date several times because of Harry and Meghan’s plans and counted on complete public attention. Now, the British are likely to discuss Thomas’s interview with the same interest as Eugenie’s wedding ceremony.



One can get an impression that the duchess's relatives carefully plan each of their new “confessions,” seeking to defame her name and skillfully disguising it behind loud statements about love and duty. Do you think Thomas is so naive that he doesn’t understand the impact of his words? Maybe he is, on the contrary, a cunning intriguer pursuing more goals different than winning back his daughter’s favor? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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