Beautiful No Matter What: Selena Gomez Looked Wonderful Showing Her Curvy Legs And Tummy At The Beach

September 19, 2019 21:41

Selena Gomez is spreading love and self-confidence. No matter what Selena wears and how the famous singer looks, she always shares body positivity vibes.

In recent years, the star has been losing and gaining weight, and her weight fluctuations are mostly connected with her health problems.

As you may know, Selena suffers from lupus, which causes the singer to have high anxiety levels, weakness, and other unpleasant symptoms. Her health condition changed her life dramatically. Moreover, Gomez had to undergo chemotherapy and got a kidney transplant donated by her friend.

For several years, Selena has numerous times been accused of being "obese." One such wave of disapproval took place in May 2018, after Selena's bikini pictures leaked onto the net. The singer receiving such a huge outpouring of criticism that she decided to make a video message to social media users.

Selena Gomes faced a wave of criticism

On 2 July 2019, another share of Gomez's pictures in a swimsuit leaked. There, the star was captured on her holiday on the island Punta Mita (Mexico) along with her cousin.

Social media users couldn't ignore Selena's chubby legs and tummy.

Though, it seems like the star has stopped caring about attacks of haters. The star is having a great time, keeps enjoying her life, and doesn't feel ashamed of her extra pounds.

Go, girl! It is so wonderful that Selena doesn't care about hateful comments. Even though Selena Gomez is dealing with health problems, she manages to keep things positive. All we can do is be happy for this brave girl!